All In One OBD2 Scantool

Injectronic has developed a handy looking combination scantool/ oscilloscope. For the price of $499, the CJ4 packs in many features and expandable options. Even though that price might seem steep to some, it does appear to represent a good value for what you are getting, and should be quite helpful with diagnostics. The scanner mode provides features you would expect in such a device, including: DTC (trouble code) retrieval/clearing, live parameter monitoring (graph or numeric), all 1996+ generic OBDII codes plus most manufacturer-specific codes, freeze frame, moveable cursor, OBDII connection location finder, and an acronym database. After the problem area has been determined via the scanner, the CJ4 can be put into labscope mode, so the source of the problem can be diagnosed. The scope features: 2 channels, 400 kilosampling rate, 0-20V vertical scale, and sensor-specific waveform samples.  [Read more…]


Protective Sockets

Many weekend racers find themselves swapping their street wheels/tires for their race setup on a regular basis. Unfortunately, wear can show around the lugnut holes after time, if extreme care is not taken. A few tool manufacturers have recognized this and have begun producing special “protective sockets” that prevent wheel scratches. Griot’s Garage sells a 9-piece set with common metric and standard sizes for under $60.

For individual sizes at a low price, Harbor Freight Tools sells deep protective sockets for 9 bucks each.


Ultra-Portable Scales With No Wires

Weight scales are commonly used in the paddock area. Racing organizers often use them to verify race weight legality. They can also be used for trackside chassis setup. If you or your organization bring your own scales to the track, you might appreciate the idea of a setup without wires. Intercomp has just that, with their new wireless ProScale packages. The SW888 system includes all the needed goodies for a hi-tech portable scale system. Billet pads are provided for each corner, along with the required wireless nodes and batteries/chargers. Total system weight capacity is 6,000 lbs and accuracy is displayed to one-hundredth of a percent. The system also includes a PDA with chassis setup software. The weight measurements are transmitted to the PDA for analysis. Optionally, the system can be interfaced with Intercomp’s advanced Race Car Management Software package. The SW888 system sells for $3495.


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See Inside Your Engine Without Pulling It Apart

We’ve all been there. After wrenchin’ on your car into the night, tiredness turns to clumsiness and you drop a small bolt somewhere it has no business being. Of course, all methods fail at retrieving it. What to do now? Well, if you had a fiber optic boroscope, things sure would be easier at this moment. These devices consist of a flexible thin cable (of varying lengths) with a lens at one end and an eye piece at the other. The image picked up with the lens in transmitted over fiber optic strands to the eye piece. This allows you to feed the cable into impossible to see places and view what’s hiding. The only problem is that these things can be a tad on the pricey side.

However, ProVision has made this type of scope available to the average Joe. Their entry level line of scopes may not have all the features and quite the same optics of higher end models, but they are a fraction of the price.  [Read more…]


Can’t Decide What Type Of Pyro To Get?

When shopping for a pyrometer, your first decision would normally be whether to get the infrared (IR) or probe type. Now you can get both in one device. The 50620 Dual Function Pyrometer from Longacre Racing looks like a typical IR pyrometer. However, with this one, you can plug in a probe and view readings from either method.  [Read more…]


Vehicle Monitoring With The MSD DashHawk

Combination scanner/monitoring gadgets are hot items right now. This is little surprise, because they are able to package the functionality of a vehicle diagnostic tool, a multitude of gauges, and performance recording abilities into a tiny footprint. Additionally, they are a piece of cake to install and can be quite economical.

MSD has a capable offering, with their DashHawk product. The DashHawk can display 2 to 7 parameters at the same time, in various formats on its backlit display. An extensive list of parameters can be monitored, depending on the vehicle. Alerts (audible and visual) can be configured to notify the driver of dangerous situations, such as high temperature levels. 1/4 mile and 0-60 times can also be measured. And, of course, as a scanner, Vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) can be scanned and reset.  [Read more…]

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NASA Racing On Your PC

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) and Race2Play have teamed up to create a comprehensive online virtual racing environment. The system, NASASimRacing, will host sanctioned sim racing events. This means that you can compete (individually or as a team) in sim racing series, in a similar way to real life. Many find racing sims to be a good way to learn circuits, while others consider them to simply be fun entertainment. Either way, with NASASimRacing, you can compete in an online racing environment with regularily scheduled races, in defined series, with the befefit of live officials. That last part is key, because it allows you to race in an environment with strangers, where rules are enforced. In fact there is a set of codes and regulations covering rough driving, going off course, and blocking, to name a few. The environment lets you build your rank over a season, and there are plans to introduce prizes.

The next championship points season begins Jan 19, ’07. The basic membership is free and only requires that you have a supported racing sim and the PC hardware to run it. The season will run for 15 weeks and will have 8-12 events, depending on the series. Most of the series will be made available at multiple times of the day to accomodate different racers’ schedules and timezones.

NASARacingSim is not tied to a single software simulator. Some of the sims currently supported are:


The Perfect Driver

A new book in the Speed Secrets series is now available. Speed Secrets 6: The Perfect Driver, by Ross Bentley, builds upon the others by focusing on the notion of driver perfection. The Speed Secrets authors are known for introducing alternative teaching concepts to the sport of auto racing. One book in particular, Speed Secrets 3: Inner Speed Secrets, by Ross Bentley and Ronn Langford, took a new approach to improving driver abilities, by suggesting mental strategies rather than textbook driving techniques. Mental preparation, visualization, and self-programming are some of the valuable teachings. “The Perfect Driver” looks to be a follow up to this great book, furthering the use of specific mental models to close in on perfect driving.  [Read more…]


Tune Your Car With A Gameboy?

That’s right, yet another use for your Gameboy at the track. TurboXS is using the Nintendo Gameboy Advance (GBA) as a core component of some of their vehicle tuning and monitoring products. The DTEC starter kit plugs into the GBA and includes software to use the unit as a gauge display and data logger. In order to make use of this, plug-and-play sensors must be purchased separately. Current sensor options include: boost, EGT, air temp, engine rpm, and wide-band air/fuel. Upcoming options will allow for knock indication and vehicle acceleration readings. The display is configurable and will display in real-time, as well as playback recordings.  [Read more…]


Easy Trailer Access

Race Ramps has introduced a new set of ramps designed specifically for use with car trailers. They allow the trailer door to rest securely on the ramp, providing a flat surface for vehicles with low ground clearance to drive right up. The ramps are solid, light-weight units, capable of holding up to 2400 lbs. The manufacturer claims they will not slide on any surface and will not damage hot asphalt or painted floors. The “Trailer Ramps” sell for $279.99 per set.  [Read more…]

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Expandable Gauge System

Another new product shown at the 2006 SEMA Show was the G-TECH Pro EGS (Expandable Gauge System), from Tesla Electronics. At first glance, the EGS looks like a modern, large pedestal mount tach with shift lights. However, upon closer inspection, you will notice a bright display screen. As it turns out, this is much more than a basic tachometer; it contains their well-known G-TECH accelerometers (as found in the G-Tech Pro RR). Additionally, an optional wideband sensor allows for air/fuel tuning, and an OBD-II interface provides the ability to display vehicle data.

Tesla Electronics, Inc.


Considering a Tow Vehicle?

Ready to start towing that track car? Or, are you thinking about replacing your current hauler? Racer Gadget has compiled a list of tow capacity ratings for most current model trucks and SUVs. Filters and sort options allow you to narrow down your search.

Check it out here

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