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Infrared Temps Viewable In A Dash Gauge

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Nordskog Performance has developed an in-dash gauge for monitoring surface temperatures. The IR9009 kit comes with 2 infra-red temperature sensors and a gauge. The gauge simultaneously shows readings from both of the temperature sources. This makes for a great way to monitor the surface temps of tires at all times. The kit has a $600 price tag.


Toyo Announces RA-1 Successor

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Toyo has announced the release of the Proxes R888 tire to the U.S. market. The “R-triple-8″ is a D.O.T. approved R-compound competition tire, and will replace the very popular Proxes RA-1. The R888 is intended to improve upon the RA-1 in responsiveness and traction. Like the RA-1, it is designed for road racing and track days.

It appears as if extra emphasis has been placed on dry traction, as semi-slick shoulder areas are used, and a 6/32 initial tread depth is utilized (in comparison to 8/32 with the RA-1). Although, a unidirectional V-shaped tread is used to enhance wet traction.  [Read more…]


Protective Sockets

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Many weekend racers find themselves swapping their street wheels/tires for their race setup on a regular basis. Unfortunately, wear can show around the lugnut holes after time, if extreme care is not taken. A few tool manufacturers have recognized this and have begun producing special “protective sockets” that prevent wheel scratches. Griot’s Garage sells a 9-piece set with common metric and standard sizes for under $60.

For individual sizes at a low price, Harbor Freight Tools sells deep protective sockets for 9 bucks each.

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Can’t Decide What Type Of Pyro To Get?

Friday, February 9th, 2007

When shopping for a pyrometer, your first decision would normally be whether to get the infrared (IR) or probe type. Now you can get both in one device. The 50620 Dual Function Pyrometer from Longacre Racing looks like a typical IR pyrometer. However, with this one, you can plug in a probe and view readings from either method.  [Read more…]


BFG Race Tires Coming Soon

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Another R-compound tire option will be available in the very near future. BFGoodrich re-introduced the G-Force R1 at this year’s SEMA show. Emphasis is being placed on relatively good tire wear, while maintaining excellent traction. Only two sizes were available at release, but 15 are to follow in January 07, and the remaining lineup in April. This is a symmetric, non-directional DOT tire, intended for competitive class racing and trackdays. HSPN interviews BFGoodrich at SEMA to get initial details.

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