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The Next Generation In Mountable Camera Systems

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Racers aren’t usually the pickiest bunch when it comes to in-car video footage. Mount up a standard video recorder or video-capable digi-cam and go. This works, but doesn’t usually add up to the greatest in quality, versatility, or ease-of-use. Of course, there are some nice options out there that many step up to, such as the ChaseCam PDR systems. These allow for recording directly to MPEG-2, on solid-state memory (Compact Flash cards). Some support split-screen, multi-input recording, a rugged design, and other racer-friendly features. However, some of us have been waiting for some fundamental improvements in sports-related recording technology. We have been faced with quality limitations, because of analog to digital conversion. Most all compact recording systems are subject to this, regardless of whether they are labeled as being “digital”. The result is an interlaced video, lacking color-richness, which tends to look so-so on a computer screen. We would like to get around this, while retaining a design that has no moving parts, yet still has the versatility of a “bullet-cam”. Recorders that rely on tapes, hard drives, or DVDs are subject to reliability and quality issues, as the recording mechanism can move during jolts. Enter the V.I.O. POV.1, a true fully digital, ultra-compact MPEG4 recording system.  [Read more…]


ChaseCam Adds G-Force Overlay

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

ChaseCam now gives you the option of overlaying video recordings with real-time g-force graphs. The $125 G-Force module can be added onto newly purchased PDR100 recorders, or you can send in your existing unit to have it upgraded for the same price.  [Read more…]

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