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Ultra-Portable Scales With No Wires

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Weight scales are commonly used in the paddock area. Racing organizers often use them to verify race weight legality. They can also be used for trackside chassis setup. If you or your organization bring your own scales to the track, you might appreciate the idea of a setup without wires. Intercomp has just that, with their new wireless ProScale packages. The SW888 system includes all the needed goodies for a hi-tech portable scale system. Billet pads are provided for each corner, along with the required wireless nodes and batteries/chargers. Total system weight capacity is 6,000 lbs and accuracy is displayed to one-hundredth of a percent. The system also includes a PDA with chassis setup software. The weight measurements are transmitted to the PDA for analysis. Optionally, the system can be interfaced with Intercomp’s advanced Race Car Management Software package. The SW888 system sells for $3495.



Variable Camber Steering Suspension

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

OnCamber had an interesting item on display at the SEMA Show 06. Their USTCC Prototype Class RSX was sporting a fancy variable front camber contraption. The steering system is connected to a lever that moves the upper mounting points for the front suspension, effectively altering the car’s camber. The more the steering wheel is turned, the more camber is removed or added. This provides the necessary negative camber (on the outside wheel) to maximize tire contact within turns, but retain a more neutral camber in straight line driving. Additionally, the unloaded tire maintains positive camber when cornering, minimizing wheel lock and flat spotting. Obviously, this type of setup wouldn’t fly in most any spec racing class, but it’s an interesting idea for an all-out racer.

OnCamber LLC

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