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The Perfect Driver

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

A new book in the Speed Secrets series is now available. Speed Secrets 6: The Perfect Driver, by Ross Bentley, builds upon the others by focusing on the notion of driver perfection. The Speed Secrets authors are known for introducing alternative teaching concepts to the sport of auto racing. One book in particular, Speed Secrets 3: Inner Speed Secrets, by Ross Bentley and Ronn Langford, took a new approach to improving driver abilities, by suggesting mental strategies rather than textbook driving techniques. Mental preparation, visualization, and self-programming are some of the valuable teachings. “The Perfect Driver” looks to be a follow up to this great book, furthering the use of specific mental models to close in on perfect driving.  [Read more…]


How To Get Started In Racing

Saturday, October 7th, 2006

If the thought of road racing really grabs you, but you’re intimidated by all that’s involved, a new book out aims to give guidance and help make racing a reality. “Go Ahead – Take the Wheel“, by David Gran, outlines a path from HPDE to “wheel to wheel”. Emphasis is clearly placed on getting to a competition racing level, while staying within a reasonable budget for the driver. But, some of the other topics covered include safety, licensing, car preparation, maintenance, vehicle transportation, and mental preparation. Based on the reviews, it looks like a great book for someone starting out or trying to make it in the sport. Check it out at Amazon, and use their “Search Inside” functionality to scope it out.  [Read more…]

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