Intelligent Multi-Functional Displays Support OBD

October 31st, 2007

Last year, PLX Devices introduced their ground-breaking iMFD (intelligent Multi-Functional Display) gauges and sensors. The thing that makes iMFD so cool is that various devices can be networked together to share information. Different gauges, sensors, and eventually loggers/computers are all tied together. It’s not too expensive to get started, and you can expand as needed.

One of the first iMFD gauges released was the DM-100, which uses OLED technology to give us a highly-customizable, ultra thin 52mm gauge. It basically functions like a tiny computer and video screen. A single DM-100 can obtain readings from any of the sensor modules on its network, and can even display data for 4 sensors at once. Multiple visual warning schemes can be configured. These can be based on the values of 1-4 parameters. Additionally, the gauge allows you to set peak and hold points. Data can be displayed in various formats, including the standard needle-type, digital, bar, or plot. The plot style shows a brief trend that constantly scrolls across the screen. For simple visual customizations, colors can be changed. However, because the gauge styles are essentially skins, you can customize their looks in any way you like. In fact you can connect the gauge to a computer (via USB) and use PLX software (included with gauge) to upload your own custom skin. You can essentially think up any way you want your sensor data to be displayed in front of you, leaving convention aside. Very cool. PLX also has numerous pre-built skins, matching various vehicle interiors, which you can download from their website. The included remote control allows you to easily change gauge settings. Some of the iMFD sensor modules available are: air/fuel, EGT, fluid temp, air temp, and vacuum/boost.

Soon to be available is the DM-200 OBD. This iMFD gauge has all the features of the DM-100, but is 60mm, and has built-in OBDII support. Just plug it into any 96+ vehicle’s OBD port and instantaneously share available parameters across the iMFD network. The larger screen is capable of displaying even more real-time parameters simultaneously.

PLX Devices

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