Compact Air System

October 1st, 2007

Having a source of compressed air at the track is important. As you know, it allows you to quickly adjust the pressure in your tires, as needed. Of course, you have various options, including: a compact DC electric tire inflator, a small AC shop compressor (using an inverter along with power from your tow vehicle), or an air tank that you fill at home and bring to the track. World Pro has given us another option, with their Instant Air system. The main benefit with Instant Air is that CO2 tanks are used, which require just 1% of the volume that compressed air uses. Additionally, no power source is required to utilize the air pressure. Therefore, Instant Air can potentially make for a nice and compact primary or backup air system. In addition to inflating your tires, it can be used to power small pneumatic tools. Instant Air has the added benefit in that it doesn’t create condensation or moisture. The system sells for $189.

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