ChaseCam Adds G-Force Overlay

July 15th, 2007

ChaseCam now gives you the option of overlaying video recordings with real-time g-force graphs. The $125 G-Force module can be added onto newly purchased PDR100 recorders, or you can send in your existing unit to have it upgraded for the same price. Because it is an internal component, installed at the factory, there is no external wiring required. When the G-Force feature is turned on, horizontal and vertical bars are displayed on 2 sides of the image, along with numeric readings. The vertical bar shows the amount of braking/acceleration force, while the horizontal bar shows lateral-g force. The overlay does not negatively affect video quality, and because it’s integrated, the g-force data doesn’t need to be synchronized with the video. Installation of the module-equipped box should be easy, because it has a 3-axis accelerometer that can be calibrated quickly at any mounting position.


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  1. Comment from

    This is a great tool, the screenshot on the right is actually of my Subaru at the SCCA Solo Atwater National Tour in Northern California. This simple hardware addition gives you visual confirmation of early braking, lifting, and lateral accelleration numbers without requiring post-production software or extremely expensive hardware boxes to mix the video.

    Now you can also set the bar graphs with a clear/no background rather than the black bars, and move the graphs to the top or bottom (shown) of the screen. All with free firmware upgrades. Love it!

  2. Comment from Istok:

    How was the unit mounted? At some spots it was showing 1.3 g’s. That seems an awful lot.

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