BradaTech Cuts The Wires For Innovate

April 28th, 2007

BradaTech has developed Bluetooth adapters and software specifically for use with Innovate Motorsports‘ entire line of products. Innovate has taken the adapters and combined them into various Bluetooth “turn-key” kits. The Bluetooth technology allows PCs and PDAs to communicate wirelessly with Innovate’s well-known wide-band air/fuel ratio sensor controllers and multi-sensor data loggers. This allows the PC/PDA to monitor and log sensor data in real-time within the vehicle, without needing any wired connections. A shop computer can also be setup to wirelessly download logs after returning from a road test. This wireless scenario can also make life easier during dyno tuning sessions. The Bluetooth adapters can be purchased independently for $150. However, there is a substantial savings when a “Bluetooth enabled” kit is purchased.

As a side note, BradaTech also produces its own entry-level Bluetooth data acquisition system, the BlueBOX. This system includes data acquisition/Bluetooth receiver hardware and both PC and Pocket PC versions of their data acquisition software, BlueDAQ, starting at $189. The BlueBOX system also provides a software development kit (SDK).

Innovate Motorsports

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  1. Comment from John:

    Bought this as part of a kit with an LC-1. Works great and now the PDA software supports my LMA-3. great little addition to my tuning toolbox!

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