Turn Your Existing LCD Into Multiple Gauges

March 15th, 2007

Video displays are becoming more and more commonly found in cars. Whether factory equipped with a nav system, or with the addition of a high-end audio/video unit, many cars have LCD displays. Brockway Engineering has leveraged this fact and developed the R2000, an OBD2 monitoring system that provides a video output, rather than an embedded display. This helps to keep the unit’s cost down, and it allows you to cut down on the number of devices cluttering up the passenger compartment. Like other OBD2-based vehicle monitoring systems, the R2000 simply needs to be plugged into the vehicle’s OBD2 diagnostic port to become functional. Plug the composite video output to the display’s input and you’re up and going. The display can be configured to show various real-time OBD2 parameters in one of 6 different screen modes. Up to 4 parameters may be displayed at once. It is also capable of reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs).

Some of the available options include: a programmable shift light, an acceleration timer, and an external sensor input (for wideband O2, MAP, or EGT sensors). The RP1 data recording/playback accessory provides a separate button panel that can be used to trigger the recording of on-screen data at a rate of 10x per second. The R2000, by itself, retails for $297.

Brockway Engineering

Brockway R2000
Available from TunerTools

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