All In One OBD2 Scantool

March 14th, 2007

Injectronic has developed a handy looking combination scantool/ oscilloscope. For the price of $499, the CJ4 packs in many features and expandable options. Even though that price might seem steep to some, it does appear to represent a good value for what you are getting, and should be quite helpful with diagnostics. The scanner mode provides features you would expect in such a device, including: DTC (trouble code) retrieval/clearing, live parameter monitoring (graph or numeric), all 1996+ generic OBDII codes plus most manufacturer-specific codes, freeze frame, moveable cursor, OBDII connection location finder, and an acronym database. After the problem area has been determined via the scanner, the CJ4 can be put into labscope mode, so the source of the problem can be diagnosed. The scope features: 2 channels, 400 kilosampling rate, 0-20V vertical scale, and sensor-specific waveform samples.

All data and graphs are displayed on the CJ4’s 128×128 illuminated display. You can store screenshots, to be later downloaded to a PC, via USB or serial. The price of the device includes: OBDII cable, USB/serial cables, 3 scope cables, a hard case, and an informative user’s guide. Some optional accessories include: battery tester, injector tester, and enhanced manufacturer-specific expansion modules.

Another nice feature of the CJ4 is its connectivity with PCs and PDAs. This does not simply mean you can only download screenshots from the CJ4 to your computer. Rather, the CJ4 acts as an interface between the vehicle and diagnostic software running on the PC or Windows Mobile 5 device. The (free) software allows you to configure, display, and record the diagnostic data. PDA connectivity is via Bluetooth, and requires an optional Bluetooth adapter for the CJ4.


CJ4 Scan Tool
Available from TunerTools
Price: $499.00 (USD)

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