See Inside Your Engine Without Pulling It Apart

February 10th, 2007

We’ve all been there. After wrenchin’ on your car into the night, tiredness turns to clumsiness and you drop a small bolt somewhere it has no business being. Of course, all methods fail at retrieving it. What to do now? Well, if you had a fiber optic boroscope, things sure would be easier at this moment. These devices consist of a flexible thin cable (of varying lengths) with a lens at one end and an eye piece at the other. The image picked up with the lens in transmitted over fiber optic strands to the eye piece. This allows you to feed the cable into impossible to see places and view what’s hiding. The only problem is that these things can be a tad on the pricey side.

However, ProVision has made this type of scope available to the average Joe. Their entry level line of scopes may not have all the features and quite the same optics of higher end models, but they are a fraction of the price. The new PV2 series offers 7400 pixel resolution scopes starting out around the $300 price range. These scopes offer dual shaft functionality; a core 5.8mm cable allows getting into very tight places, but an “obedient” shaft is also supplied. This secondary shaft slides over the cable, allowing it to be shaped into position, at the expense of thickness. These battery-operated scopes are submersible under water and can be operated with one hand. The PV2 series lens tip accepts light, magnet, and mirror attachments. An optional camera attachment allows you to take pictures or capture video of what the lens is picking up.

Boroscopes obviously have many more automotive uses, such as inspection of cylinder chambers, cooling system components, manifolds, transmissions, dash wiring, etc. But, they could come in handy with other projects too, such as home wiring and plumbing.


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