NASA Racing On Your PC

January 13th, 2007

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) and Race2Play have teamed up to create a comprehensive online virtual racing environment. The system, NASASimRacing, will host sanctioned sim racing events. This means that you can compete (individually or as a team) in sim racing series, in a similar way to real life. Many find racing sims to be a good way to learn circuits, while others consider them to simply be fun entertainment. Either way, with NASASimRacing, you can compete in an online racing environment with regularily scheduled races, in defined series, with the befefit of live officials. That last part is key, because it allows you to race in an environment with strangers, where rules are enforced. In fact there is a set of codes and regulations covering rough driving, going off course, and blocking, to name a few. The environment lets you build your rank over a season, and there are plans to introduce prizes.

The next championship points season begins Jan 19, ’07. The basic membership is free and only requires that you have a supported racing sim and the PC hardware to run it. The season will run for 15 weeks and will have 8-12 events, depending on the series. Most of the series will be made available at multiple times of the day to accomodate different racers’ schedules and timezones.

NASARacingSim is not tied to a single software simulator. Some of the sims currently supported are:

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