Tune Your Car With A Gameboy?

January 2nd, 2007

That’s right, yet another use for your Gameboy at the track. TurboXS is using the Nintendo Gameboy Advance (GBA) as a core component of some of their vehicle tuning and monitoring products. The DTEC starter kit plugs into the GBA and includes software to use the unit as a gauge display and data logger. In order to make use of this, plug-and-play sensors must be purchased separately. Current sensor options include: boost, EGT, air temp, engine rpm, and wide-band air/fuel. Upcoming options will allow for knock indication and vehicle acceleration readings. The display is configurable and will display in real-time, as well as playback recordings.

Additional GBA-based DTEC product offerings allow for more advanced functionality, such as fuel and boost control. The DTEC Boost Controller Pro, for instance, provides highly advanced features that can be controlled/viewed via the GBA. The 60+psi capabable BC-PRO can store 5 different boost maps, based on gear selection, RPM, and throttle position. It has scramble mode, overboost protection, and second solenoid support. The DTEC allows the GBA to be permanently connected in the car with an optional mount. Or, the GBA can be used for tuning/monitoring and then unplugged while the DTEC remains functional, so that you (or your kid) can get back to Mario.


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  1. Comment from Dave:

    Not a bad concept, since GBAs are cheap and they’re easy to find used. They’re compact and built to withstand some abuse. I wonder how hard the interface is to work with.

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