Where To Put That New Track Beast?

October 25th, 2006

If you’re like me, you have more project cars than space to put them. If you’re HOA frowns upon cars parked on your lawn, and you don’t have the garage height to stack cars with a conventional lift, American Custom Lifts has a nice alternative. How does tapping into the space below your garage floor sound? That’s the solution they have come up with, in their Phantom Park line. A lift with two platforms is placed below ground. When the lift is raised, the lower platform is level with the garage floor, and a car may be driven onto it. After the lift is lowered, the car is stored below ground and another car may be driven onto the upper platform. The platforms can be made to match the rest of the garage flooring, so that there is little sign of the sophisticated parking system. The manufacturer offers multiple models, of different sizes and lifting capacities, with various available options. They also claim to have many safety features in place, so that it can be used in a typical home.

American Custom Lifts – Phantom Park

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  1. Comment from racer:

    Another company to check out… http://www.katopark.com/subterranean.htm

    They have something similar, plus other inventive parking solutions.

  2. Comment from Dave:


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