Impact Power On The Go

September 22nd, 2006

If you’re swapping wheels trackside, a cordless impact gun is a valuable item to have. Not only is it a timesaver, but it let’s you conserve your own energy for when you’re behind the wheel. A cordless impact can come in handy for purposes other than just removing lug nuts. If you don’t really need an air compressor in your garage, this can be a nice alternative, for jobs that aren’t too big. But, even if you do have a compressor/pneumatic impact, turning to the cordless rather than dealing with the noise and extra time involved with the alternative can be surprisingly convenient. This technology has only fairly recently become affordable/accessible to all, but it’s already considered a must-have to many. Entry level impacts start at under $100. However, in this case, it’s usually worth it to pony up a little more for beefier model. Ingersoll Rand claims to have the most powerful lightweight cordless impact, providing 360 ft-lbs. of max reverse torque. The IR W360 sells for around $300.

Ingersoll Rand W360

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