Pain-free Braided Hose Assembly

August 28th, 2006

Just about anyone who has experience with working on race cars or highly-modified street cars knows what it’s like to cut a finger on steel-braided hoses. And, even with a relatively clean cut on the hose end, it can be a bit of a chore to get things put together just right. This can especially be the case for the inexperienced. A company, called Koul Tools, has recently come out with a product to help address the need for an easier way to accomplish this task. They claim that their product makes installing a standard braided hose into a typical fitting a simple job that can be accomplished in just seconds. They offer two kits; one for smaller hoses (-4, -6, -8) and another for larger hoses (-10, -12, -16). Both kits include adapters to work with various brands of fittings, such as Earl’s, Fragola, XRP, and Goodridge. The Koul Tools website has a nice tutorial on how to build the perfect hose. They also have a demo video of the product in action. Kit pricing starts at $75.

Koul Tools LLC

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  1. Comment from racer:

    Dragnet has a hands-on review of this product. Go to to check it out. Sounds like it works great.

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